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The 49ers will win/lose against the Seahawks if...

And I thought the Rams game would be bad

*sigh* Do I have to?

Alright, so the 49ers are going (or coming in my case) to Seattle to face the Seattle Seahawks. Who, for reasons we’ll never understand, are in the playoff race. Yet again. This game is at Centurylink, which at this point of the 49ers’ skid is fans’ emotions consisting of, “They’re still on TV? Just pick a play so this can go by faster.”

Obviously I have a job to do and eek out a way the 49ers can win this game. I’ll give it a shot.

The 49ers will win if...

To even suggest it when they are 10-point underdogs in Seattle, with their current roster no less, is lunacy. Obviously, I don’t have a problem with any of this. Who would? This is a 49ers site after all, claiming 23-0 is something that will be a reality above all else. I have a small inkling to say that the only way the 49ers win this if the Seahawks get really, really confident in themselves. I’m talking confident like I am guessing the Minnesota Vikings may have been Week 3 saying “Oh hi Buffalo, you want to stomp us? Fine we’ll—oh there’s 27 points scored and Kirk Cousins can’t do anything. That was fast.”

Pro: The 49ers are the Buffalo Bills in the above hypothetical situation and despite what you may think about Nick Mullens, he’s not Nathan Peterman

Con: The Seahawks aren’t the Vikings in any situation and the Russell WIlson special is alive and well.

That said, the 49ers are winning this game if they can contain Russell Wilson. Mind you, this is a team that can’t pressure a quarterback to save their lives. Containing may be a bit desperate. If they can generate some sacks and keep Russell Wilson from doing what he does, they might win this. This is asking a lot from a defense that won’t get the chance to blow a lead this time. If the 49ers do get a lead, consider this a success.

The 49ers will lose if...

They can’t play four quarters of football without screwing up. Now, that’s asking a lot out of a young team that’s learning a defense. Especially one with communications issues. Much like the Rams game, the 49ers need to play perfect football to even have a prayer in this game. Unlike the Rams game, the injury report inflated even more meaning more backups for all. The 49ers also need to keep that crowd noise at bay. Now that the 12th man has a chance at a playoff game, you can expect the entire stadium to get obnoxious. This is a good test for the offense to not mess up the snap, and a horrible situation to put Nick Mullens in with his fourth start.

If they can’t get the crowd noise under control (or deal with it at the very least) this is going to be all over before the 3rd quarter ends. If that’s the case, at least put Richie James in for the rest of the game. I liked seeing him last week.

What do you think it takes for the 49ers to win or lose?