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Kirk Cousins has rough outing in Seattle

The 49ers might have dodged a bullet.

The Seattle Seahawks got a huge win on Monday Night Football, beating the Minnesota Vikings to improve to 8-5 and take a two-game lead in the wild card race. The Seahawks could clinch a playoff berth this week if they beat the San Francisco 49ers, and the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington both lose. Carolina is also two games back, but Seattle holds the head-to-head tiebreaker on them.

We’ll have plenty to discuss about the Seahawks this week, but for this evening, Kirk Cousins is the story of the day. He threw for 208 yards and a touchdown, but most of that came in the fourth quarter as the Vikings struggled to do much of anything all evening long. Cousins looked shook in the pocket, even when pressure was not right in his face. The play-calling was shaky at times and the Seahawks got some quality pressure, but even beyond that, it was a bad night for Cousins.

Two weeks ago, Nick Mullens threw for 414 yards against this same Seahawks defense. Of course, 300 of those yards came in the second half when the 49ers were trailing by three scores. It is still impressive to put up that kind of yardage total, but context is important.

All that being said, Kirk Cousins has struggled against quality opposition, and the 49ers might have dodged a bullet when it comes to Kyle Shanahan’s infatuation with Cousins. I feel like Shanahan could have done some big things with Cousins, but I’ll take Jimmy Garoppolo and whatever 2019 might have in store! And I’ll leave you with this tweet from our friends at Hogs Haven.