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Golden Nuggets: Pierre Garcon on IR

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

So Pierre Garcon has hit IR. I know a lot criticize the signing when it happened, but the 49ers needed a decent wide receiver and who else were they going to get to come here? The dead money is a detriment, but that’s what a team in the 49ers’ position has to do to get any free agents out here.

I don’t see Garcon on the roster next year. The 49ers have gotten younger and better with Dante Pettis and Kendrick Bourne and Father Time is unbeaten in Garcon’s case. He may have played his last season in a 49ers uniform, but that doesn’t change the fact he helped usher in the Kyle Shanahan era and provide veteran leadership.

Or maybe Garcon is back next year in a limited capacity. What do you think?

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What a horrible night to have a curse...