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Kyle Shanahan was mic’d up for 49ers-Broncos

The 49ers head coach had plenty to say in the win.

Kyle Shanahan Full Mic'd Up

"Good job dude. I am so sick I didn't get you 5 more yards." Hear what Kyle Shanahan was saying during George Kittle's historic, record-breaking day.

Posted by San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The San Francisco 49ers mic’d up head coach Kyle Shanahan for Sunday’s win over the Denver Broncos, and it’s a fun couple minutes of video. You can watch the whole thing above, or click here.

We see a lot of George Kittle in the video given the record-setting performance he put together. On the player where Kittle went over 1,000 yards receiving, Shanahan sees him get wide open before Nick Mullens throws to him, saying simply, “All alone.” After that play, Richard Sherman celebrates with Shanahan, saying, “That’s 1,000 for him!”

Later when calling in the play that resulted in Dante Pettis’ touchdown, he tells Mullens, “If you like the one-on-one, take Dante.” Sherman again joins Shanahan on the sideline, saying, “That fade ball route from the 1? You’re feeling yourself today.” There’s plenty of Sherman in the video.

The whole thing is a fun watch, so give it a look when you get a minute.