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Las Vegas to host 2020 NFL Draft

Oh yea.

The NFL is holding the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, and on Wednesday they announced the 2020 NFL Draft will take place in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Frequently when I go to Las Vegas, bad things seem to happen to the 49ers. But, if the entire NFL is going to be in Las Vegas for the draft, does that negate that potential?

2020 is the year the Oakland Raiders are expected to play their first season in Las Vegas. The team, the NFL, and all 31 other teams are currently being sued by Oakland and Alameda County on antitrust grounds. Antitrust lawsuits are difficult to win, but it could result in a settlement for the city and county.

Of course, this also leaves the question open as to where the Raiders will play in 2019. Oakland remains a possibility, but they could very well end up in a host of other places. Levi’s Stadium would seem to be an option, but multiple reports suggest that won’t happen. The Raiders could also go to San Diego, San Antonio, Portland, or even move to Las Vegas a year early and play at Sam Boyd Stadium.

Whatever the case, Las Vegas will be the site of the 2020 NFL Draft, so get ready!