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Man, that Chargers-Chiefs game

The playoffs are gonna be fun.

We mostly focus on the 49ers here, but sometimes there are NFL stories that are worth a separate discussion. Last night’s Chargers-Chiefs game is one of them.

The Chiefs looked like they were going to roll in the early going and clinch the AFC West. Instead, the Chargers fought back from a pair of 14 point deficits, and then won on a two-point conversion late in the game. The Chargers could have kicked the extra point and hoped to win in overtime. Instead, they decided [site decorum] it, and went for the win.

It made a lot of sense to go for two. The extra point is turning into less and less of a sure thing, and the Chargers kicking game has been inconsistent. Going to overtime could give Patrick Mahomes the ball and a chance to end it with a touchdown of his own. And the Chargers entered the day with a three game lead in the AFC wild card picture. They were going to the playoffs regardless, so why not go for it?

The Chargers and Chiefs are tied with an 11-3 record. Kansas City holds the tiebreaker edge due to their 4-1 divisional record, but they also have to travel to Seattle next week. If the Chargers beat Baltimore next week and the Chiefs lose, LA will be in first place.

We won’t get to see the 49ers in the playoffs, but I’m otherwise really excited for this year’s playoffs. The AFC playoffs will feature the Chiefs, Patriots, and Chargers, and potentially Lamar Jackson and the Ravens. The NFC playoffs will feature the Rams and Saints at the top, with the Bears, Seahawks, and Cowboys all potentially able to spring upsets along the way. This might be one of the more interesting playoff brackets in quite some time.