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Week 15 NFL rooting guide for 2019 draft order

Let’s take another look at those draft prospects and where the San Francisco 49ers stand.

We’re in the final stretch of the San Francisco 49ers depressing season. Three games remain and a lot hangs in the balance for the 49ers to claim that No. 1 draft pick and Nick Bosa (if he pans out in interviews/workouts). The 49ers will have some wiggle room no matter what, given the quarterback-needy teams that want to one-up each other and get the quarterback they want.

So today we have the strength of schedule winning above all. Remember, as Fooch pointed out. It goes win/loss, division, and then the SoS in draft positioning. Right now, SoS can play a factor. The 49ers managed a win last week to put them a win behind the Oakland Raiders, but the Raiders managed to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, so the 49ers still sit for the first pick.

That said, there are some concerns this week. Below are the games you should care about:

Cardinals (3-10) at Falcons (4-9): Cardinals — Root for the Cardinals to put them out of draft positioning, although a Falcons win helps the SoS.

Raiders (3-10) at Bengals (5-8): Raiders — I shouldn’t have to explain this one.

Seahawks (8-5) at 49ers (3-10): Seahawks — This will help draft positioning, but having the 49ers keep the Seahawks from claiming a playoff berth would be rather interesting.

Titans (7-6) at Giants (5-8): Titans — Giants were an opponent and are out of the runnign as far as the first pick is concerned. a Titans win helps the SoS and also keeps the Giants in a believable position to trade with the 49ers for a franchise quarterback.

Washington (6-7) at Jaguars (4-9): Washington — Washington was an opponent of the Cardinals. There’s a winner either way, because if the Jaguars win, it puts them out of this draft pick business entirely.

Buccaneers (5-8) at Ravens (7-6): Ravens — The Ravens winning helps the SoS.

Lions (5-8) at Bills (4-9): Bills — A Bills win is much more valuable than a Lions win.