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49ers snap 10-game losing streak to Seahawks

It was a good day.

The San Francisco 49ers stunned the Seattle Seahawks in overtime, improving to 4-10 with a 26-23 win. The 49ers snapped a ten-game losing streak in a game that saw them put up a strong defensive effort and get another impressive performance from Nick Mullens.

Responses to the win are mixed. On the one hand, the 49ers finally beat Seattle, on the other hand, they hurt their draft positioning. I get why people are a little put off by that, but honestly, it’s hard for me to not be happy about this win. They put together a strong performance against a long-time rival, and kept said rival from clinching a playoff berth. The Seahawks will likely clinch a playoff berth in the next two weeks, but I’m entertained at put-off Seahawks fans for the time being.

For one day, the 49ers put together a great effort to handle their business against the Seahawks. We can argue the rest of the season and into the offseason whether or not this is something the 49ers will be able to build on vs. what it costs them in the draft. But for today, I’m enjoying this.