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49ers win over Seahawks drops them to fourth in draft positioning

This season is not over yet, but that one win all but takes them out of the Bosa sweepstakes

The San Francisco 49ers had an emotional win, beating the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday for the first time since 2013. As great and important as the win was, there’s that elephant in the room we have to address. The win puts them out of the running for the first pick. At least, for now.

The 49ers have dropped to fourth in draft positioning. The ranking for the top 10 is listed as the below per Tankathon:

1. Arizona Cardinals
2. Oakland Raiders
3. New York Jets
4. San Francisco 49ers
5. Jacksonville Jaguars
6. Atlanta Falcons
7. Detroit Lions
8. New York Giants
9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
10. Buffalo Bills

Per ESPN’s Football Power Index there are some numbers crunched on both the chance the 49ers are to get the first pick and also a top five pick. The 49ers now have a long shot at getting that first round pick with a two percent chance, per the index. However, they have an 84 percent chance of keeping that top-five pick.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals have an 84 percent chance of holding onto that first pick.

The Jets and Jaguars both share the same record (4-10) with the 49ers. If the season were to end today, the Jets would edge out the 49ers in the strength of schedule tiebreaker. The Jets have a .502 SoS while the 49ers sit at .504. The Jaguars are at .551. If the Raiders would have managed to win instead of lose, they would drop from second to sixth while the 49ers would move up to third.

The Jets have the Packers and Patriots left to play while the Jaguars have the Dolphins and Texans. The Jets can help the 49ers out by winning against the Packers, but that would be asking for a lot from that team.

The Cardinals have the Los Angeles Rams and the Seattle Seahawks. Asking them to win both of those games is like asking an infant to write proofs to calculus.

And the Raiders? They have a believable win with the Denver Broncos, but then have to go to Arrowhead Stadium to play the Kansas City Chiefs. Given the above, rooting for a Jets win is the best course of action.

How do you see this shaping up?