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Watch Richard Sherman and the 49ers celebrate the win over Seattle in the locker room

This one meant a lot.

Week 15 Postgame Speech

Battled today Victory Monday tomorrow

Posted by San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, December 16, 2018

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, snapping a ten-game losing streak. Virtually nobody on the 49ers roster was around the last time the franchise beat Seattle, with Joe Staley as the only remaining starter. But there was one big name in the locker room who has long been involved in this rivalry: Richard Sherman.

The former Seahawks cornerback joined the 49ers this offseason, and while he has not recorded an interception, he has made an indelible mark on the 49ers organization. He has worked with the young cornerbacks, and provided necessary leadership to the team as a whole. And on Sunday, he very clearly enjoyed getting this win.

The 49ers posted the postgame locker room scene on Sunday, and if you can’t see it above, click here. When the beat writers were making their way to the postgame press conference auditorium, they heard a burst of noise from the locker room. It turns out the players erupted when Sherman entered the room.

Sherman has played down facing his former team in both matchups this season, but following the win, he acknowledged it was a big deal.

“It means a ton. It means more that the guys showed up the way they did. Honestly, it means a lot beating Seattle for me, but it’s just the way the guys showed up and kept battling throughout the game. This was a tough game. Those guys played their hearts out. We’re out there with an incredibly young team. I would guess we’re putting out the youngest guys in the league at this point. We have three rookies in the secondary. We have basically three rookie receivers. [TE George] Kittle is in his second year. Rookie running back. Second year quarterback. They’re young guys, but they stepped up to the moment. They stepped up to the moment. [QB] Nick Mullens stepped up to the moment week in and week out. He’s shown he can play in this league. I hope we can keep him because teams need a quarterback. This guy’s not just playing conservative football, oh man, get the ball in the right places. He’s making the right decisions, he’s making good throws under pressure. I’d say he’s playing like a top half quarterback in this league. You have guys that are out there right now that are not playing better football than Nick Mullens. He could be a starter for a lot of teams in this football league and we appreciate that we have him and he’s playing his tail off for us.”

You could see Sherman’s teammates loved being able to help him get the victory. Nickel back D.J. Reed posted this after the game.