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Jarran Reed thinks the 49ers can’t hold the Seahawks jock strap

Smack talk after losing is always amusing.

The San Francisco 49ers held their own on Sunday in defeating the Seattle Seahawks, but apparently that was not enough for defensive tackle Jarran Reed. He went on the radio Monday afternoon and said the blame belonged on the Seahawks more than the 49ers.

“I don’t think they could smell our jock-straps if you ask me. I don’t think they’re that good of a team. Just personally speaking in my opinion. But we shot our own selves in the foot. I mean, they scored what, one legit touchdown? And that was it.”

Reed talked about the team’s penalties being particularly one-sided. The Seahawks had 14 penalties for a franchise record 148 yards, while the 49ers had eight for 66 yards. Most notably, the final four drives saw the Seahawks commit four offensive holding penalties — all legit calls. They had three points over those final four drives.

The Seahawks did shoot themselves in the foot throughout the game, but it’s not like the 49ers were just lucky to be around. Head coach Pete Carroll, quarterback Russell Wilson, and wide receiver Doug Baldwin all offered more respectful responses, complimenting the 49ers effort and preparation. Baldwin had my favorite comment, talking about the 49ers fight when asked if the Seahawks looked past this game.

“I think anybody watching the game would think that. I personally don’t think that is the case. I know how hard these players work. I know how hard these coaches work and I can’t take anything away from the 49ers. They played an excellent game tonight. They battled hard. They fought back every time we threw a punch. I have to give them credit.”

The 49ers did benefit from some favorable calls, but the 49ers also saw some shaky calls favor the Seahawks. Whether there was any home-cooking from the referees, it’s amusing that Jarran Reed decided today was the right time to call the 49ers a bad team. Kyle Shanahan, Robert Saleh, and John Lynch have plenty of work in front of them, but for one day, they handled their business against Seattle and have bragging rights. In the meantime, Reed can talk all he wants.