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Golden Nuggets: Woooo!

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, December 18th 2018

I think the title says it all. Wooooooooo! There are few teams the 49ers could beat where a win meant more than draft positioning, and the Seahawks are definitely the absolute best of those few.

The 49ers not only beat the Seahawks, they closed against the Seahawks. They went up against one of the better teams in the division and made them submit in overtime, via T.K.O. They have a lot to be proud of. This isn’t just another win, this is a win against a proverbial bully in their division who succeeded in making life difficult for years.

If the 49ers don’t win another game, I’ll at least feel good with this win. This one was definitely special. Draft picks be damned.

Onto your links:

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49ers have quick answer for Ahkello Witherspoon injury (Madson)

Nick Mullens proving he belongs in NFL (Sacco)

Shaquill Griffin: Overtime pass interference was a “terrible call” (Pro Football Talk)

Young 49ers defense is starting to grasp Saleh’s scheme, and it’s showing (KNBR)

49ers rookie Marcell Harris puts debut behind him, bounces back vs. Seahawks (Chan)

Decembers to remember: Why have 49ers peaked late in Shanahan’s two seasons? (Biderman)

Good and bad from 49ers win over Seahawks (Madson)

DeForest Buckner had a career day in 49ers’ overtime win vs. Seahawks (Chan)

Someone lost $569,000 betting on the Seahawks to beat the Niners (Joseph)

What a horrible night to have a curse...