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Did Shaquill Griffin commit a penalty in overtime?

The 49ers beat the Seahawks in overtime and there was some questionable officating. Let’s take a look at one of the (many) game-defining plays

The San Francisco 49ers managed to beat the Seattle Seahawks Sunday and naturally, it has fans of both sides picking apart the officiating from the game.

One of the more vocalized calls concerned Shaquill Griffin and a late pass interference call committed against Dante Pettis in overtime. Here’s some video of it:

Griffin is none too happy of the call, voicing his displeasure to anyone who will listen.

The folks the 49ers sub-reddit took a screenshot of what they thought was the DPI. In reality, that’s not where the DPI appears to have occurred. In the broadcast view, you don’t see the actual flag flying. In the coaches’ film, the flag is flying a split second before that screenshot, which suggests it was a moment before when Griffin appears to get a (brief) handful of Pettis’ jersey. The deep ref deep down the sideline threw the flag right after Griffin seemed to grab some jersey.

I guess as unbiased as this will be (sarcasm) I’m curious what you think of the play. did Griffin commit a penalty in overtime? Or was that a trash call?