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Better Rivals Podcast: A win 5 years in the making

It’s a friend-of-the-pod-palooza!

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On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, Oscar welcomes friends of the pod (old and new) to celebrate a win 5 years in the making. Brandon Schulze from the Seahawkers Podcast joins to detail changes to Seattle’s strategy. David Lombardi of The Athletic discusses the value of Nick Mullens. And John Bufone of the Bufone 55 Podcast joins to preview the week 16 matchup vs the Bears. All that plus a new advanced stat, a Mullens-Trubisky swap, and the value of learning to win.

Show Notes

Passing Air Conversion Ratio

An efficiency metric that measures the rate at which a quarterback converts air yards to actual yards created by Josh Hermsmeyer. You can read more about it at