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Week 13 NFL rooting guide for 2019 draft order

The bad teams need to start winning. It’s pretty easy to figure out this week.

As strange as it sounds, the Cleveland Browns will not be getting in the way of the 49ers’ draft plans in 2019. The very clicking of my keyboard on that above sentence is sending tremors through the earth.

The strength of schedule is beginning to get factored in and the 49ers may find themselves in trouble if other teams join their spiral. Remember, if the 49ers share win totals with other teams, head to head records are not factored in, the SoS is what’s factored in, then it’s a coinflip.

But not this week. This week it’s about as cut and dry as you can ask for.

Most of the bottom-feeder teams are playing teams fighting for a playoff spot or seeding for the playoffs. For that reason, there’s not much that can help in the vein of SoS other than hoping for some upsets. With the exception of the Cardinals-Packers matchup, that could benefit either, you’re going to root for the losing team every time.

Below are the games you should care about:

Bears (8-3) at Giants (3-8): Giants — Remember when the Giants could have limped into the playoffs if that 49ers win catapulted them? Seems so long ago. A Giants win would have them eliminated from the equation for the draft as there is no way the 49ers are getting two more wins.

Colts (6-5) at Jaguars (3-8): Jaguars — Same as above, a Jaguars win puts them all but out of competing with the 49ers.

Cardinals (2-9) at Packers (4-5-1): Cardinals —Cardinals all the way. It gives them another win and pushes them further away from that draft pick the 49ers covet.

Jets (3-8) at Titans (5-5): Jets — Another easy one. The Jets getting a fourth win allows more cushion to the 49ers’ issues.

Chiefs (9-2) at Raiders (2-9) — Raiders. But that’s definitely not happening.