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Jimmy Garoppolo joins 49ers on road trip to face Seahawks

This would appear to be his first road trip with the team.

The San Francisco 49ers flew up to Seattle on Saturday for their Sunday matchup, and they have a familiar face along for the trip. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo traveled with the team, as shown in the 49ers Instagram story from Saturday.

Garoppolo has been attending home games, but had remained home for road games. This might mark his first time on the sideline, although I suspect he views the game from John Lynch’s box. He is walking around at practice without crutches, so it would seem like he is fast approaching the stage where he can protect himself on the sideline. That being said, there is clearly no reason to risk a freak injury — regardless of what former GMs might think!

For now though, progress continues, and we continue waiting for the offseason to arrive. It’s safe to say we’re all eagerly awaiting his return, and will be just a little bit impatient until we see him get on the field. But for now, enjoy the road trip!