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Cardinals gave the 49ers a huge hand in draft positioning

The 49ers and the Raiders are the remaining two-win teams left in the league.

The San Francisco 49ers are playing for nothing but pride right now, but given the injuries and product on the field, they most likely will be getting an early pick in the draft. They were tied with the Arizona Cardinals and Oakland Raiders with the least amount of wins but that tie has been narrowed for the time being as the Cardinals managed to get out of Lambeau Field with a win against the Green Bay Packers.

This leaves the 49ers and the Raiders as the only two-win teams. The 49ers are playing the Seattle Seahawks at the moment and entered the game as 10-point underdogs going into the game. I don’t see any scenario where they walk out of as hostile an environment as CenturyLink Field with a win, so they most likely will keep that record into Week 14.

Given the 49ers struggles, it’s very possible they don’t win another game in 2018, which would leave the first pick in the 2019 NFL draft available for the taking provided the strength of schedule goes their way. They were neck and neck with the Raiders in 2018, but the Raiders lost the coin-flip tiebreaker which let the 49ers draft Mike McGlinchey.

In other news, the Giants are beating Chicago Bears at the moment by three points in overtime. So while that will push them back, if they want the first pick for a quarterback/Eli Manning replacement, it makes the cost to move that much more expensive.