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49ers are eliminated from the playoffs ... but the Raiders were eliminated first

Take heart in the fact the Raiders were eliminated a few minutes before the 49ers.

More bad news to come in from the San Francisco 49ers loss to the Seattle Seahawks Sunday afternoon, the 49ers are officially eliminated from playoff contention with the loss. It was a good run, folks. But a 2-9 team just wasn’t going to limp into the playoffs this year.

The Seahawks meanwhile have a shot at the wild card now that the Los Angeles Rams have locked down the NFC West (more on that later).

But there is good news. The 49ers may be eliminated from playoff contention today...but they weren’t the FIRST team to be eliminated from playoff contention today:

The Raiders were first to go after losing to their own division rival, the Kansas City Chiefs to the tune of 40-33. The Raiders certainly tried to make a game of things, but when you allow players like Travis Kelce 155 yards and two touchdowns, you probably aren’t going to win the game.

So even if today has the 49ers not going to the playoffs this year, take heart in knowing that the Raiders were the first to make elimination, around 17 minutes before. You don’t want to be the first to leave, but you definitely need to get out of there at some point.

As James says, #winning.