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Golden Nuggets: That’s why the 49ers dodged Josh Gordon

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, December 21st 2018

So, I’ve been one to say the 49ers didn’t want, nor need Josh Gordon and he also wasn’t worth getting aggressive for. The 49ers elected to send a flier to get his services, but didn’t go into a bidding war with New England. Good.

Then everyone got mad the front office didn’t do more. Well, Josh Gordon is again out of the league to go address some mental health concerns. That right there is why the 49ers didn’t get aggressive. How much more ticked would everyone be if the front office sent a third or fourth round pick to Cleveland only to have that end the way it did.

Now, I hope Gordon can get his issues ironed out. Mental health is no joke and nothing to [site decorum] with. I hope he gets the help he needs from a personal standpoint. From a football standpoint, this is why the 49ers didn’t break their bank for the guy. There were just too many issues there. Not to mention they had their hands full with Reuben Foster.

It doesn’t change that the 49ers missed out on Khalil Mack, but if you compare the 49ers to the Chicago bears in the 2018 season without Mack, going with the Bears sounded logical from the Raiders point of view. Why? Because I would have put money that the 49ers would have finished with a better record than the Bears, especially with Mack. They rejected the Rams for the same reason—the Rams draft pick wouldn’t have been as good.

Now the 49ers can regret getting Mack all they want, but the real people to laugh at are the Raiders. They missed out on better draft picks. As far as the front office. These guys aren’t as bad as some want to make them out to be.

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What a horrible night to have a curse...