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Which non-49ers game are you looking forward to in Week 16?

It’s game day! Any non-49ers games got your attention?

Welcome to Week 16. There are two games left in the NFL regular season before we switch gears to the playoffs and the fight for the Super Bowl. That means there are two more games left for the San Francisco 49ers season—they will not be a part of the fun. The 49ers get going in the afternoon against the Chicago Bears, which means we are going to get a crop of morning games. A few gems happened Saturday, which thins out the pool of games the networks can choose from.

The Cincinnati Bengals play the Cleveland Browns in what should be a fun game. The last time the two played a few weeks ago, Hue Jackson had just been fired as Browns head coach and was just getting started with the Bengals. The best part was watching the Browns mock their former head coach. I’m most likely tuned into this for the theatrics and the fact the Browns don’t stink anymore. Well, at least not as bad.

The New York Jets-Green Bay Packers matchup is another game I’m interested in for draft purposes. I do think the Jets can beat Green Bay, especially if the the Packers make a last-minute decision to bench Aaron Rodgers. Even with Rodgers in there, the Packers are a mess right now. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Miami Dolphins is one more game I’m interested in seeing for draft purposes and a game I think Jacksonville can win. Hopefully we can see more wins from those two teams to help the 49ers out in April.

What do you want to watch?

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns, 10:00 A.M., CBS
Tampa Bay Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys, 10:00 A.M., FOX
Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions, 10:00 A.M., FOX
Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots, 10:00 A.M., CBS
Green Bay Packers at New York Jets , 10:00 A.M.,FOX
Houston Texans at Philadelphia Eagles, 10:00 A.M., CBS
Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers, 10:00 A.M, FOX
New York GIants at Indianapolis Colts, 10:00 A.M, CBS
Jacksonville Jaguars at Miami Dolphins, 10:00 A.M., CBS
Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals, 1:05 P.M., FOX
Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers, 1:05 P.M., FOX
Pittsburgh Steelers at New Orleans Saints 1:25 P.M., CBS
Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks, 5:20 p.m., NBC