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49ers didn’t win, at least one more game to go in this crummy season

Is anyone ready for the season to end?

I know silver linings are not easy to find. Especially in this season. Take solace in knowing the San Francisco 49ers were able to at least tango with the Chicago Bears. At least the 49ers did better against the Bears than the Rams did.

This still sucks. I know.

It may be for the best. The 49ers now sit at third in draft positioning and in a prime location to draft that demon pass rusher we all want and hope. I do feel a win would be more beneficial for this squad, but if it gets the team to draft that piece that gets them over the hump, so be it. The 49ers have had a lot of success this year, they just didn’t win many games.

So it’s time to laugh again. Tonight I found Mortal Kombat troll videos for your enjoyment. I’m guessing those that are happy with draft positioning don’t need a laugh and those that wanted a 49ers win want me to go away, so I’ll just leave the video above and go my merry little way. Things will get better.

Go enjoy your families if you are able to for this holiday. If not, I’m on my own for Christmas, hit me up on Twitter, we’ll talk football and video games.

Stay faithful, my friends.