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Golden Nuggets: Into the final week of the season

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Tuesday, December 25th, 2018

Welcome to Week 17! This is it everyone, the final week of the season. After this, it’s the fun playoff games and the Super Bowl.

The San Francisco 49ers will not be a part of the festivities. Four wins doesn’t get you into the postseason. The good part is despite the record, the 49ers did do a lot of great things, they just didn’t win a lot of games. For starters, they have uncovered two pass catching gems in George Kittle and Kendrick Bourne. They have made their once laughable offensive line a solid unit, and by doing so have made one of the best running attacks in the league. There is so much improvement on this team that you didn’t see with Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly where the 49ers just mailed it in in the final quarter of the season.

Mike McGlinchey was a solid pick. So was Fred Warner. The 49ers are hitting on draft picks, they just have such a thin roster that they need so many hits before they can get competitive. Hopefully this year the pass rusher we have wished for comes as well as some other pieces where the 49ers can make a postseason appearance. The 49ers are nowhere near ready for a Super Bowl run, but a wild card appearance appears to be the next logical step.

Let’s enjoy that final week of the NFL. As you know, the greatest sport is football and the second greatest sport is waiting for football to start.

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