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Sherman: ‘I would love to have [Earl Thomas] back in the locker room’

The 49ers defensive leader talked up an old teammate.

St Louis Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers have some decisions to make when free agency arrives next spring, and one player on a lot of fans’ radar is Seattle Seahawks free safety Earl Thomas. The 49ers entered the season with Adrian Colbert starting at free safety, but he spent the back half of the season on injured reserve. Thomas remains one of the best free safeties in the game, and even turning 30 this coming offseason, he’d be an upgrade anywhere he went.

Thomas’ former teammate in the Legion of Boom agrees wholeheartedly. Richard Sherman was asked on Thursday if Thomas would fit in with what the 49ers are trying to do. Sherman did not hesitate in endorsing the idea of Thomas playing for the 49ers.

“Earl Thomas can fit anywhere he wants to fit. Would I love to play with Earl V. Thomas III? Sure. I would love to have him back in the locker room but I’m sure he’ll have a plethora of opportunities, but I’m sure we’re gonna throw our hat in the ring.”

The 49ers have plenty of cash, but recruiting pitches help as well. Sherman is ready to help out as needed, but also knows that money talks when it comes to the recruiting process.

“If they need to be, I have no problem with it. I think this is a pretty attractive destination as is, but you know, money is the best recruiter — but I’ll do my two cents. I’ll go give the best recruiting pitch, and if they say, ‘hey, we got $7 for you,’ it’s not gonna matter. I could do the worst recruiting pitch and if they pay him like a top player, you know, money talks.”

Thomas has been looking for a new deal with Seattle, but it appears that won’t be happening. He will hit free agency this offseason, and even at 30 years of age, he should land a sizable deal. It might not be a ton of years, but he should be able to land some substantial guaranteed money. Maybe the 49ers are the team ready to give it to him.