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Cardinals have a chance to own the Seahawks where no one owns the Seahawks

If they win this weekend it marks four straight wins at CenturyLink Field. That’s almost as good as the first pick. Almost.

This has nothing to do with the San Francisco 49ers, at all. At the same time, it’s a streak I found interesting going into Week 17. See, they want to tell you that CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks, is the most difficult field to play at in the NFL. The Seahawks have dominated team after team and made them look silly in the process. If a team beat the Seahawks at CenturyLink, whether they were not a good team, or if the Seahawks were inferior to said winning team—it meant something. Even recent blowouts against the Seahawks at C-Link can be considered quite impressive.

That is, unless, if you’re the Arizona Cardinals. If they manage to beat the Seahawks on Sunday, it not only gives the 49ers the first pick in the draft, but it also gives the Cardinals ownership of CenturyLink Field. Well, figurative ownership anyways. Check this out:

That would be four years of home games where the Seahawks couldn’t put away the Cardinals. In their [the Seahawks’] house. That place that is considered the toughest to play in the NFL. So if the Seahawks lost four times at home, it would make CenturyLink the Cardinals’ yard. Do I think it’s going to happen? Probably not. Not with the roster the Cardinals bring. But crazier things have happened in Week 17 of the NFL.

Cardinals fan, if you’re reading this and hoping for the first pick in the draft, just know that if the Cardinals manage to win on Sunday, you get the claim of owning Seattle at home. That’s almost, almost as good of a statement as saying you get Nick Bosa.

If the Seahawks go full-strength against the Cardinals and lose, that on its own is a moment of hilarity, but to know they couldn’t get the job done at home against the Cardinals three prior times in a row makes it even more hilarious. This is the Seahawks we’re talking about here.

Go Cardinals indeed.