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Jimmy Garoppolo seen at Friday’s practice with some nimbleness to him

Or as Matt Barrows puts it: “Spry”

Jimmy Garoppolo fans rejoice! The San Francisco 49ers quarterback was sighted at the final practice of the season. And this wasn’t one of those guest-starring, press conference appearances either. He was hopping around and looking good while doing it. The Athletic’s Matt Barrows caught a glimpse of this nimble-like cat and Tracy Sandler has confirmed this display:

Garoppolo isn’t out of the woods yet. He still has a long ways to go before he’s ready to start thrashing around on the field, but this is great news for his rehab.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was (naturally) asked about it and confirmed there have still been no setbacks or delays in his recovery. Like I said, we’re a long ways away from medically clearing Garoppolo, but this is great to hear. The largest hurdle is the lingering mental game that can stick around after healing up. Only time will tell how Garoppolo responds to that at all (or if it’s even an issue). Here’s what Shanahan had to say about Garoppolo showing up at practice:

I’m watching what’s on the field. I think he has been out there a little bit. We usually have him doing rehab and meetings when we’re doing some practice stuff. I know people probably think it’s better to be out and watch practice the whole time. But, you just stand up. You get a sore back and you get very bored. We’d rather him working on stuff to get better.”

From what we saw briefly, everything looks very encouraging.

“That’s good. I’m encouraged about that. He’s in the process of rehabbing. There’s been no setbacks, which is good news. He’s been around a ton in the meetings and everything. So, we’ve been ramping that up lately.”

How’s his attitude and mindset at this point?

“It’s been great. I think he went through some time, just like everyone does when they have that disappointment and things like that. But, he’s been around the guys a lot lately. He’s been eager in the meetings and stuff, which shows that he’s ready to get healthy and get back into football.”

Has being on the sideline been valuable to him listening to the plays? I know that he was sort of lost when he was in that world last year when he had first come in.

“Yeah, definitely. It was much easier for him this year. I think it’s always good for guys to sit back and just watch, especially when you know an offense inside and out. First time you get to do that, for myself, was when I became a coach. Then, you get to sit in and just get to watch when you know everything. As a coach, after doing that for a couple years you wish you could go play again because you realize how much it would help you. It’s a situation that players don’t want to get. But, if they do get put in that situation, you take advantage of it and stuff like that. It definitely can help.”