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DeForest Buckner closing in on double-digit sack totals for 2018

He notched numbers eight and nine on Sunday.

The San Francisco 49ers pass rush has had its issues for quite some time and it is almost certain the team will be looking for an edge rusher in the 2019 draft. Whoever they end up adding, he is going to help DeForest Buckner immensely.

But don’t tell Buckner that, he’s just fine on his own. On Sunday in the 49ers’ loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Buckner managed to notch sacks eight and nine via Russell Wilson. That gives Buckner four more games to get to double digit sacks — something that hasn’t happened for the 49ers since 2012 when Aldon Smith was terrorizing quarterbacks off the edge.

With the two sacks, Bucker has equaled his total number of sacks for his first two years in the league combined. It goes without saying Buckner is having a career year. The problem (or even more awesome thing depending on how you look at it) is he’s doing this with double and sometimes triple teams sludging him up. The 49ers pass rush is generally not threatening on a consistent basis outside of Buckner. Ronald Blair is second on the team with 4.5 sacks, followed by Cassius Marsh with 3.5.

If the 49ers can get that edge rusher they desperately need in the 2019 draft or free agency, that can free Buckner—and the rest of the line up—to do some absolute nonsense to opposing offensive lines. Buckner’s doing this with what is a substandard pass rushing unit. Just think of what it could be like when they can get an edge rusher to finish things off and force opposing offenses to not gang up on Buckner.