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Report: Seahawks fan tells police Cassius Marsh threw Gatorade at him for heckling

The fan is known for a frivolous lawsuit against Shaun Ellis.

A Seattle Seahawks fan is claiming San Francisco 49ers defensive end Cassius Marsh “doused [him] with a full glass of Gatorade up in the stands,” per Matt Maiocco. The incident reportedly occurred during pre-game warmouts, and the fan spoke to Seattle police who will write up a report on the alleged incident. Marsh denied it to NBC Sports Bay Area.

The fan in question is apparently a well-known heckler and was involved in a 2008 incident with New York Jets defensive lineman Shaun Ellis. After the Seahawks faced the Jets, Ellis threw a large chunk of snow at the fan. Two years later, the fan decided to file a lawsuit, claiming the chunk of snow caused him, “physical injury, humiliation, mental distress, pain and wage loss.” Deadspin has some video of that incident, which shows the fan catching the snow and celebrating with it.

The police are looking into this, but I would be surprised if any sort of criminal charges were filed. At best, I’m guessing the fan will fire another frivolous lawsuit to get a few bucks.