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49ers secure better SOS than Jets

Here’s the full rundown of the 49ers draft order implications this afternoon.

The 4-11 San Francisco 49ers will not be getting any help from the 4-11 New York Jets in Week 17. The Jets went into Foxboro and were thumped by the New England Patriots by a final score of 38-3. The Jets finish the season 4-12.

The 49ers face the Rams this afternoon and can finish anywhere from first to fourth, depending on other afternoon results. Heading into today, the 49ers could have finished as low as fifth, but the Lions win over the Packers ensured the 49ers will finish no worse than fourth.

More importantly, they clinched a weaker strength of schedule than the New York Jets. The Cowboys and Falcons got wins this morning that weakened the 49ers SOS and made it mathematically impossible for the Jets to finish weaker. That is the tiebreaker between the two teams.

Here’s a look at how things could shake out now that the morning games are a wrap. We talked this week about the various results necessary for the 49ers to finish ahead of the Jets in the event of a tie and things went the way the 49ers needed this morning.

49ers beat the Rams

  • Pick third if Raiders beat the Chiefs
  • Pick fourth if Raiders lose to the Chiefs

It’s pretty simply in this case given the Lions win and the Jets loss. The Raiders are sizable underdogs heading into Kansas City with the Chiefs needing a win to clinch the AFC West and home field advantage, but crazier things have happened!

49ers lose to the Rams

  • Pick first if the Cardinals beat the Seahawks
  • Pick second if the Cardinals lose to the Seahawks