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The results of my 2018 bold predictions

They didn’t turn out too well. Hopefully 2019 is kinder to me.

To start 2018, I wrote my bold predictions and asked for yours. The intention was to return at the end of the year to see who was right for nothing other than bragging rights.

We all did really bad.

Well, except for ninersfansincethewomb, who managed to get one prediction dead on in the comments. There was a prediction made by the user stating a 49ers defensive player would get double-digit sacks. He doubled down later and said it would be DeForest Buckner.

Also, user glib1 commented on that the 49ers would have a 1,000 yard rusher and receiver. Saying one of the receivers would be Kittle. The problem was he also doubled down on Marquise Goodwin getting the number also.

I still think ninersfansincethewomb called it well. The rest of us? Not so good. I usually can get a 50/50 on a bad year, but this year I got nothing. I got a whole goose egg for these predictions. I’ll have my 2019 predictions tomorrow, but let’s look at how terrible I did in 2018:

1: Jimmy Garoppolo will sign a multi-year deal but it won’t be a top-five deal

Well then, I wasn’t completely off. Garoppolo did sign a multi-year deal, but it was to be the highest paid quarterback in the league. Whoops. Now to be fair, he was beat by Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers within a few weeks, but he’s still making a pretty penny. The contract is quite good, letting the 49ers cut bait in another year without anything ridiculous happening in dead money (it still will sting, but they have a way out).

I liked where my head was at on this, but Jimmy G is Jimmy G.

2: There will be one report on how Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers are completely apart from a deal and Garoppolo wants out of San Francisco

The signing came from out of nowhere. I woke up the news and was shocked it was done this quickly. There was not a peep from either camp about the negotiations besides the PR stunts to say they looked forward to Garoppolo as a 49er.

3: The 49ers will draft twice in round one of the NFL Draft. Again.

Mike McGlinchey and no one else. The 49ers didn’t make a crazy trade. That one pick turned out pretty well though.

4: The 49ers will beat the Seahawks in Seattle, by two touchdowns

Welp. Maybe I should have said quarterback play would be very uncharacteristic of signal callers who play there.

5: Kyle Shanahan will name 49ers quarterbacks coach Rich Scangarello as offensive coordinator by 2018 season’s end

I said that this could carry into 2019, but since 2018 is drawing to a close with no announcement, I’ll consider it a failed prediction. I do see Scangarello being promoted this offseason. It’s just the timing of everything.

6: The 49ers will make it into the Wild Card as the No. 5 seed

They got a No. It’s No. 2. No. 2 in the draft.

This will get recycled for 2019.

7: Arik Armstead will be traded prior to the draft

Thank goodness this didn’t happen. Arik Armstead has had a career year. Now it’s a matter of if the 49ers decide to keep him around. I know some aren’t high on AA, but with his position, if we aren’t talking about him, he’s doing his job.

8: Carlos Hyde and Eric Reid will sign with Seattle

Carlos Hyde had a bad, bad 2018. He went to Cleveland and showed some promise, but just as he was getting momentum, the Browns traded him to the Jacksonville Jaguars. There could be possible good news: Given their issues with T.J. Yeldon and Leonard Fournette, Hyde may have a role as a potential starter with the Jaguars in 2019.

As for Eric Reid, he didn’t even get signed until the Panthers were desperate for a safety at the end of September. You can draw your own conclusions as to what the delay was, but I’m not going to go into it here.

9: Kendrick Bourne will make the team again and have an 800-yard season

I got one part of this right, I said he’d make the team. Those 800 yards? Let’s go for just over half that with 487.

Disappointments aside, I am still high on Bourne. I think he has made a role for himself on this team and has shown some development from year one to year two. I think the 49ers will be keeping him in mind when free agency and the draft rolls around.

10: Fooch will shave his beard

Oh, he did something. Was it shaving his beard? No, no it wasn’t. Thanks, Fooch. With your help you made me absolutely fail. These 10 failures rest on his shoulders—and his beard.

I’ll have 2019 predictions up for the new year later this week. How did everyone else do?