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Black Monday tracker

We’re going to be updating everything that happens during Black Monday. Follow this thread here for the latest firings, restructures and job openings in the NFL.

Tuesday Update: The Lions and OC Jim Bob Cooter have mutually parted ways

Update: The Falcons are cleaning house

Monday Update: And the hits keep going

Monday firings: Things are getting wild quickly.

Black Monday got going a bit early with the prompt firings going on Sunday evening. That doesn’t mean things are over, they are just beginning. News about front office changes and coaching moves will be flying out Monday and we’ll use this thread to update accordingly.

We’ll post a full recap of the days moves vs what we’ve said in our primer where Pat will give out his yearly Vince’s.

Sunday firings:

The first to go was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers removal of Dirk Koetter as head coach. Koetter was giving cryptic interviews leading up to it and already knew the nails had been driven into the coffin. Shortly after the Bucs lost a game against the Atlanta Falcons they had a sizable lead in early, it was all but certain. The Buccaneers made the news official after the game.

The New York Jets have moved on from Todd Bowles. One week ago, CEO Christopher Johnson stood behind Bowles as head coach. Sunday evening that statement appeared to be smoke because Johnson had to now announce the Jets were moving on. Bowles was not a terrible coach, when the Jets were thought to be tanking for 2017, Bowles managed to put together a respectable squad with what the front office gave him. Johnson says he will work with general manager, Mike Maccagnan in finding the new head coach of the Jets. Reports indicate that their target is former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.

Sunday retentions:

The Jacksonville Jaguars released a statement saying they would retain head coach Doug Marrone. Owner Shad Kahn said It sounds like general manager Dave Caldwell will also be retained.

We will update this post with further news in the NFL more job openings are made known.