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Rams are 2018 NFC West champions

49ers have a shot at third place.

Well, in case you didn’t think it would happen, it did. The Los Angeles Rams are NFC West champions for 2018. That means the division is locked up and they will get at least one home game going into the playoffs.

So now there’s second place if anyone really cares. Well for the Cardinals and Seahawks to tie for if catastrophe strikes. Nope, the San Francisco 49ers are only able to get third place at this point. Anyone want it? Beyond the hierarchy, the NFC West was chaotic in Week 13. You had the Rams winning the whole thing and the door-mat Arizona Cardinals walking out of Green Bay with a win, something the 49ers couldn’t do. Then again the 49ers couldn’t beat the Cardinals either. If only Mason Crosby could miss field goals on Monday Night Football.

And as for the 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. Ha! We don’t need to bring that up again.

Let’s get to it.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals certainly sent a ripple effect. See, they aren’t a good team. And when you lose to bad teams, it makes some people mad.

Exhibit A: The Arizona Cardinals vs. Green Bay Packers. The Packers lost at the last minute thanks to that Crosby slice to end the game. Not even Aaron Rodgers could save the team this time. But there was more, because the loss was so bad, head coach Mike McCarthy got shown the door following the game.

McCarthy getting fired wasn’t anything shocking, we knew it was coming, but getting fired with a quarter of a season left is something left to raise your eyebrows. So Arizona may not win another game, but they know they made a difference.

Los Angeles Rams

While the Rams make a bigger difference wrapping up the NFC West. Their win over the Detroit Lions clenches the division and makes them a pit stop for a wild card team I don’t think anyone wants to be. The Rams now have playoff seeding (and a hopeful bye) to play for so they are not done with their all-in season. It was fun while it lasted. It looks like that arms race in the offseason got them a playoff game. They also are relatively healthy going into the playoffs which is one of the key things to even have a chance as we’ve all seen.

Into Week 14

The Rams travel to Chicago to take on the Bears in what could be a fun game if Mitchell Trubisky comes back to play. It will be an interesting test for him as he’s had some success on the regular, finding ways to carve defenses.

The Seahawks take on the Minnesota Vikings in what should be a pretty fun game in Seattle, while the 49ers and Cardinals host the Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions, respectively. The battle for third place wages on.

1st: Los Angeles Rams; Next: at Chicago Bears
2nd: Seattle Seahawks; Next: vs. Minnesota Vikings
3rd: Arizona Cardinals; Next: vs. Detroit Lions
4th: San Francisco 49ers; Next: vs. Denver Broncos