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Odds have Washington not signing Colin Kaepernick favored over signing

Bet heavy on NO.

It was an ugly Monday for Washington, who lost to the Philadelphia Eagles and lost quarterback Colt McCoy to a broken leg in the process. This comes after losing Alex Smith to an ugly broken leg of his own. They are now tied with Philadelphia a game back of the Dallas Cowboys in the mediocre at best NFC East.

Washington hosts the New York Giants, travels to face the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans, and then closes out the season at home against the Philadelphia Eagles. There are plenty of winnable games in that stretch. Even if Dallas wins the division, Washington is tied with Philadelphia and Carolina a half game back of the Minnesota Vikings for the second wild card spot. The playoffs are a very real possibility.

And yet, more than likely they won’t make it because their quarterback situation is a mess with no indications it will improve. Mark Sanchez is the only healthy quarterback on the roster following McCoy’s injury. That means Washington will be signing one or two quarterbacks this week as they prepare for the Giants.

It’s safe to say they will not be signing Colin Kaepernick, and probably not even working him out. Bovada installed odds asking if Washington signs Kaepernick at some point this season. YES is installed at +275, and NO is installed at -450. NO is a heavy favorite, and frankly, I am surprised the odds are not longer.

I have no idea if Kaepernick would want to play for Washington specifically given the racist nature of their logo. But there is no indication they are planning on even contacting him at this point, so that might not even matter.

It remains to be seen how Kaepernick will look having been kept out of the NFL for the past season-and-a-half. He has been working out regularly since the 49ers released him, and it is worth noting there are several quarterbacks in the league who have not taken a snap in nearly as long, if not longer. Kaepernick deserves a workout at the very least. When players like Matt Simms, T.J. Yates, Landry Jones, and Kellen Clemens have gotten workouts this year, it’s absurd to think Kaepernick is not worthy of at least a meeting.

I don’t expect anything to change, and it seems pretty obvious Washington is prepared to miss the playoffs rather than sign Kaepernick.