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Two different CBS sports mock drafts have two different players going to 49ers at two different spots

One is easy, the other you may scratch your head on.

There are four games left to solidify draft positioning for the 49ers but we can continue the speculation. As it stands, the 49ers are looking at a top-five pick and maybe the first pick overall. If there ever was a draft to have the first pick, this would be it. The 49ers have serious options; they can keep it and get Nick Bosa (provided he’s still the best option) or trade it to a quarterback/Bosa hungry team for a haul of picks to help their future.

The folks over at CBS Sports put together a couple of mock drafts. One by Ryan Wilson has the 49ers picking first and selecting Nick Bosa. Nothing to see here other than what most likely is going to happen. Here’s what Wilson says about Bosa that we all probably know.

Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State. For now, Bosa’s our No. 1 pick. It hasn’t changed in weeks (months) though perhaps we’ll get more clarity as we get into the offseason. Here’s the deal: The 49ers are a bad team. The good news is their season has been ruined by injuries and 2019 will be much improved. The bad news is they lack a consistent pass rush. Drafting Bosa, who has the potential to be a game-changing talent, solves that.

There’s not much more to say other than Bosa is the guy and he can transform the defense overnight, provided he’s not a bust. Many of the defensive issues this year are because of the 49ers lack of pressure, no secondary can hold up this long with the time the defense gives quarterbacks to throw the ball.

So there’s the first draft. The other draft was by Chris Trapasso and has the 49ers picking third. With the pick they select Josh Allen. No, not THAT Josh Allen, this one is a defensive end from Kentucky.

Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky. This is probably the earliest you’re going to see Allen mocked, but if he lights up the combine, it’s not impossible. He’s the most versatile edge-rusher in the class and has serious bend/dip to the quarterback. The 49ers have to add to their outside pass-rush.

The position makes sense and since they aren’t going with trades here, I could see this happening. This is a pass rusher heavy draft so the 49ers have a wealth of options at their disposal on who they want to go get the quarterback. I haven’t read much on Allen, but there’s a good write up him here.

Bosa’s obvious. What do you think of Allen?