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Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend speaks out about her domestic violence charge

Fooch’s update: The 49ers released a statement

“The 49ers fully cooperated with authorities, assisted in locating Mr. Foster and in no way impeded their investigation.”

Reuben Foster is no longer a member of the San Francisco 49ers, but his situation remains on the radar for most any football fan. He was claimed by Washington and now sits on the Commissioner’s Exempt list following an accusation of domestic violence. It is the second time domestic violence charges have been filed against Foster, but reports suggest there have been more alleged incidents.

Foster’s ex-girlfriend, Elissa Ennis is the accuser, and recently appeared on Good Morning America with her attorney to discuss the situation. I’ve embedded the interview above, and if you don’t see it, click here.

The whole thing is worth a watch, but she did specifically mention the 49ers in connection with the Tampa arrest. After she called the police and detailed someone representing the 49ers speaking to the police.

“I felt like they didn’t believe me, even when I called the police, the 49ers came up there — I have pictures of the 49ers coming up there, trying to talk to the police, and say I’m the same ex-girlfriend that sat up there and lied.”

The incident took place at the 49ers team hotel in Tampa, although not on the floors where their players were staying. Kyle Shanahan mentioned the Monday after the release that he was first informed of it by the director of team security, Mike Anderson. The team was having meetings, and Shanahan was called by Anderson explaining Foster’s situation. Ennis is saying someone (Anderson or whomever spoke with police) mentioned the previous incident. As this moves through the process, I suspect this will be a topic of discussion.

This is the first time Ennis has spoken out publicly on the matter. This is an incredibly complicated situation, both the general issue of domestic violence and the specifics of Foster and Ennis’ situation. She said back in the spring that she lied about the violence, and now she’s saying she lied when she said she lied. Domestic violence is a complicated topic, particularly with victims who end up returning to their abuser. It’s allegations for the time being, but it’s going to take a lot to unravel this situation. The Santa Clara DA is re-assessing the situation to figure out how best to handle what has turned into a mess.