Hmmm....the Jacksonville Jaquars??

After last nights blow out loss to the Titans, will the Jacksonville Jaquars be looking to blow-up their roster? Should the Niners be peeking?

One thing is for sure looking at the Jaquars in last nights game against the Titans….their play reminded me of another team….hmmm. The Jaq’s are hurting terribly at QB, also RB, and their OL is a mess = sound familiar?

With the Niners being in a re-build, should/could they gain anything from the Jaq’s situation. After all, the Jaq’s do play similar scheme’s that the Niners play. Transitioning a player from the Jaq’s to the Niners on paper at least should be an easier expectation.

Short answer = there is potential.

First: the Jaq’s have many players that will be FA’s in 2019. The question is: are there any Jaq FA players that fit being an upgrade and longer-term fit for the Niners rebuild?

Second: it would appear that the Jaq’s might just have some interest in trading-up in the 2019 Draft in order to be sure to get a QB they want (their pick position will likely fall between picks 5 and 9) - so there is potential that the Jaq’s may wish to be a trade partner with the Niners.

Third: Outside of the draft (per se) - if the Jaq’s were willing to make a trade with the Niners, do they have anything to offer us…do we have anything to offer them…to better seal the deal?

Let’s look closer at each potential:

Jaq 2019 FA’s:

- They have many players on the list (give or take about #15 players). First let’s make an assumption. The Jaq’s do need to make changes, so, they will likely not resign many of their FA’s unless the market also doesn’t want them(most have shown so far that they are pedestrian players), yet the Jaq’s might do some resigns from this group just to fill depth on their roster as needed.

But what players would/could the Jaq’s be interested in resigning from this group(?):

o WR D. Moncreif (age: 26)

o Maybe OT Ereck Flowers (age: 25)

o Maybe back-up FS Jarrod Wilson (age: 25), are likely the best bets.

The Niners in looking at the Jaq’s roster for potential fit, would find that the above #3 players could also be upgrades for them. So they also could show interest in signing all of them as FA’s.

The Niners need help at WR, and Moncreif does fit that need. His current salary is 9.6m. What might attract Moncreif to the Niners is comparing QB positions. Jaq’s need a QB, and the Niners assuming JimmyG returns 100% would give Moncreif a better choice in a QB. But, likely Moncreif will be in demand by other teams as well, so the Niners would have to be willing to give a good money deal to Moncreif to get him (can they do that while also likely needing to make money deals for other needed position upgrades (i.e. edge; fS; CB’s, etc.)?

OT Ereck Flowers is also someone the Niners should look at closely. For a bigger OT, he moves well and can get to the second level (needed for Shany’s scheme). While Flowers started slowly in his NFL career he has steadily gotten better each year. He now sits PFF wise at the edge of an ‘above average’ player, yet he is only 25 yrs of age. He is showing growth in his ceiling potential. He also can fit at LT or RT, and maybe even at Guard. At the point when Staley retires, he and McGlinchey would be a good pairing no matter where you end up putting either one of them. Depth OT Coleman presently on the roster, could remain as the depth Tackle for the team. In the meantime of waiting for Staley’s retirement, and if the Niners lose G-Person to FA, Flowers could fit at playing Guard. There is value in looking at him to sign as a FA, especially when considering how young he is.

Speaking of young, the Jaq’s have FA FS Jarrod Wilson. He currently is there back-up at FS for T. Gipson. So, as a back-up, would the Jaq’s go hard for him since they also need to fill so many other needs? Wilson would be a nice upgrade for us. In his limited spare playing behind Gibson his PFF sits at the start of the ‘above average’ rating. Not bad for a young back-up player. He played college at Michigan as a FS. Since his PFF showing is better than any player we have at the position, he would be a nice add, to either compete for the starting position or if we also signed another FS vet FA, he’d be a better back-up than what we have. The other intriguing element of this, it was just made public that Richard Sherman’s is wanting to move to FS(at some point). Now, if the Niners opt to try that sooner rather than later, having these 2 players work the FS position would seem to be a nice fit in complimenting each others play. Wilson would know he can learn from one of the best, and know Sherman would not be there for the long-term. Wilson, being 25 yrs of age could be definitely a longer term fit.

If Sherman does move to FS, what impact then would we have at CB? Well, just so happens the Jaq’s have a couple of very good CB’s in Ramsey and Bouye (neither are FA’s but see ‘Trade aside from Draft below’)– either of which for us, would be huge upgrades for our CB position group. If the Niners delayed Shermans move to FS (say giving Wilson the reins initially), then pairing one of these players with Sherman would also be an outstanding upgrade).

Remember the Jaq’s play in a similar defensive scheme as we do, so players we pull from them, would likely transition well and easily to our position groups.

Jaq 2019 Draft Position:

- The Jaq’s Rd 1 first pick position will likely fall between picks #5 and #9. They have a total of #7 picks in the 2019 Draft. They also have a Rd 1 #12(est) slot pick in the 2020 Draft. They have enough to work with in trading up with us in the 2019 Draft for the 1st pick. The Raiders cause other QB needy teams concern (assuming they are at Rd 1 pick#2, could the Raiders also select a QB there(?). It will be hard to determine just what HC Gruden will do with their first pick as they could go in a number of ways with their choice. But not knowing just what the Raiders may do, but’s needy QB teams eyeing the need to go to pick #1 to be sure they get who they want. That helps the Niners.

- Jaq needs for their roster are: QB,QB,QB; OL; RB; fresh/younger DL; (if they lose Moncreif)=WR; Edge upgrade(?).

- The Jaq’s DL is aging with poor play. They need a replacement for Malik Jackson to be honest. His PFF grade is 58.7 so far this season; DE Calias Campbell’s age is 32, yet he projects the best PFF grade of any Jaq player this season at 89.6. They do have a young edge player on the roster that compliments him in DE Yanny Ngakoue (PFF 75.2) so they might be interested in seeing if there is interest in a C. Campbell trade. Would the Niners be such a team(?). If the Niners took Bosa at pick #1, the Jaq’s would not be trading up with us.

- The Jaq’s could sit at their 1st pick in the Draft and take the BPA. Would make sense because, they could get a great young DL; another edge rusher consideration; the top rated RB in the class; or even the top rated WR in the class. But….doing so, also means they likely give up on the best rated QB for the class, maybe even the 2nd best rated QB as well. If the Jaq’s think QB Kessler is their future QB, they could sit on their 1st pick = but I don’t think so. If there is a high rated QB they like, they’ll want him/need him, and need to move up.

Trade aside from the Draft:

But, would the Niners and Jaq’s be interested in a trade aside from the Draft(?). Something like Niners picking up DE Campbell to compliment/spare Bosa for a season or 2 while the Niners could pass the Jaq’s a player to help them on their OL such as J. Garnett; or maybe even E. Magnuson. Keep in mind as well, would the Niners have interest in FA OL Ereck Flowers(?).

Now Flowers played college ball in Florida, so it might be hard to pry him from the Jaq’s, but if the money were right, he could definitely be part of a conversation for eventually being part of the new Niner OL after Staley retires. Since Flowers is an FA, this move wouldn’t be a trade for him, but it would set up the possibility for trading for (1) Campbell to compliment Bosa(or trading for another player-see further below). The Jaq’s could even be possibly interested in other Niner players, such as: QB Nick Mullens, or C.J. Beathard(?). There is also RB J. Wilson as a consideration; also, we have multiple DL’s on our roster, the Jaq’s need an infusion of younger DL on their roster(?). A trade while not for the purpose of moving up (Jaq’s) or moving down (Niners) per se for the Draft, could occur with the Niners thinking of trading for Campbell to compliment Bosa.

But the Niners could also be thinking of trading for (2): CB Ramsey or Bouye. Either of which, would be a major upgrade for us. Rather than going for DE Campbell, they could just pick up another cheaper Draftee Edge later in the draft to compliment Bosa. Then go for the trade of picking up Ramsey or Bouye. The Niners would be in a much better situation with adding one of these players, whether Sherman remains at CB or moves to FS as noted earlier above.

So, what should the Niners do (IMO):

Take Bosa at pick #1; take a further edge draftee later in draft to compliment Bosa.

Niners sign in FA(longer-term roster player considerations):

-Sign FA OT Flowers

-Trade for CB Ramsey(age 24) or Bouye(age 27)(Bouye might fit better in the character and locker room style that Shany seems to be looking for in players); Niners would be trading away current roster players and possible future draft picks for this trade.

If Ramsey or Bouye can’t be had, the focus changes to: Darby/Roby as longer-term roster fits

Sign FA FS J. Wilson(on the cheap as FA FS’s go)(Alternate Cheap: A. Phillips)(Alternate more $$’s: Clinton-Dix)

Sign FA WR D. Moncreif

Sign FA LB Anthony Barr

All of these players would be longer-term type fit players for the Niners rebuild since all of them are young.

Other Niner thoughts:

For the draft:

Pick up another OL/G/C: to also be long-term fit (replacing the need of Person(FA); Garnett; Magnuson. If OL not taken in draft, Niners may need to resign FA Person, and Magnuson likely remains for now as depth; then try to pick up a NT/DL to replace need for Mitchell.

Try to pick-up another WR or TE

Try to pick-up another ILB/SS/hybrid type

For FA (short term fills; 1-2yr contracts if players can be found):

Consider another Edge to compliment draftee Edges (B. Graham?)

At FS (unless Niners go with moving Sherman in which case this focus changes to CB (?Varrett) (for FS:?Thomas

At ILB (K.L.Wright?)

? At Back-up QB (depends if anyone is traded)

Should the Jaq’s be on the Niners radar this off-season??

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