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Kyle Shanahan fined $25,000 for unsportsmanlike penalty at Seattle

Given the circumstances the NFL may have laid off, but it’s not too surprising.

Kyle Shanahan finally knows how much his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty cost him in Seattle last week: $25,000. This on top of the 15 yards the 49ers were penalized for after he threw an f-bomb at the officials. The fine came on Saturday from the league.

The penalty closes “Shoegate,” an incident where Fred Warner’s shoe came off and Seattle Seahawk quarterback Russell Wilson threw it behind the line of scrimmage. The Seahawks went to hurry-up and Warner jumped off the sidelines in exchange for Elijah Lee. The officials flagged the 49ers for 12-men on the field.

Shanahan was not happy and let the official know about it. He was subsequently fined for the aforementioned penalty. Wilson was not fined for his part in the incident. He did, however, admit to throwing the shoe.

The 49ers went on to lose the game 43-16. Shanahan owned up to the outburst the following Monday when asked about it by the media:

“I don’t think I have to get a penalty or use the wrong language to earn their respect. So, it wasn’t a smart thing by me and something I can’t do.”