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49ers win an emotional one for Tony York

Jed York had some emotional words for the team after their Week 14 win over the Broncos.

The San Francisco 49ers beat the Denver Broncos in a game that had some emotional undertones. Tony York, brother of Jed and son of Denise and John passed away over the weekend. Jed was at Sunday’s game, and Kyle Shanahan gave him a game ball in the postgame locker room.

York spoke after he was given the ball, and you can tell he was fighting to keep it together. Details have not been released as to Tony’s death, but given what Jed had to say, clearly it was a shock to the family. Jed had a few words for the team before they broke it down. You can check it out below.

In the postgame press conference, Shanahan had this to say:

“Before we start just wanted to say, everyone knows the tragic stuff we dealt with yesterday, losing Tony York. This game was definitely for him. Getting to know the Yorks the last two years, the one thing that was so apparent to me about Tony, the times I’ve been around him, he was the biggest Niners fan out of any of them and really out of anyone I’ve been around since I’ve been in San Fran. Yeah, he is an owner, but just the true fan he was for the Niners always was so fun to watch. That’s what was so cool about him. For us to have a win today with what happened to him yesterday, it means a ton. I know it means a lot to the York family. He was a special person who will be missed a lot. Prayers are with all the Yorks today. Jed was able to come and we just had a special moment with him in the locker room. I know his parents weren’t and we’re there with them and I hope everyone’s prayers are for them.”

I did not know Tony York, and in fact, I did not even know Jed had a brother prior to this weekend. The beat writers knew about him, and by all accounts he was a guy everybody loved and a guy who loved the 49ers. Our thoughts are with the York family in this difficult time.