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John Lynch offers update on Jimmy Garoppolo contract situation

Jimmy G’s agent might be focused on other matters for a few days.

The San Francisco 49ers have some work to do to get Jimmy Garoppolo signed, but general manager John Lynch remains optimistic that both sides want to and can get this done.

The 49ers GM made an appearance on KNBR (audio) on Wednesday, as he prepares to head to Minneapolis for Hall of Fame announcement weekend. The beginning of the interview is a fun listen as he talks about having to go to the Super Bowl site and wait for word from the Hall of Fame committee this coming Saturday. But naturally, he was peppered with questions about Jimmy Garoppolo.

Lynch urged patience in what he described as a complicated process.

We are, as I said last week, we’re working hard. These things are complicated. We feel optimistic in the discussions we’ve had with Jimmy’s side. Not gonna give a play-by-play, as I said — we agreed with Don Yee and Jimmy’s camp that we weren’t gonna give play-by-plays on this, we were gonna let it happen. But I can tell you that, we’ve had productive conversations, and remain very optimistic. I think the most important thing in a deal like this, we want Jimmy very much to be our franchise quarterback for years to come. And Jimmy wants that very much as well. To me, that makes too much sense not to happen. So we’re gonna continue working.

Don Yee’s got another quarterback in this game, very focused on this game, so we kinda let this week play out and go back to work, and we’ll see. That’s the best update I can give you. We’re not gonna play this thing out in front of everyone, but we’re very hopeful that whatever that time is, we’re gonna have some real exciting news for everyone.

Lynch has regularly emphasized the fact that they will not play this out in the media, and in this instance he talks about agreeing to this with Garoppolo’s agent, Don Yee. It will be interesting to see if that sticks the longer this process takes, but for now, both sides seem to have a good relationship.

One takeaway from this is that it’s safe to say we should not expect an announcement of a contract between now and the Super Bowl. Don Yee represents Tom Brady, and Lynch pointed out that he’s got a slightly important game this weekend. I was not anticipating a deal getting done soon, but that certainly moves it to the back-burner for the weekend.