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What should John Lynch spend his Saturday doing before the Hall of Fame notification?

It’s going to be a nerve-wracking day for the HOF finalist. We have 8 ideas for how he can keep himself busy.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame will vote on and announce the 2018 class this Saturday in Minneapolis. The vote happens during the day, after which the inductees are contacted by David Baker, president of the Hall of Fame. Names leak out, but the formal public announcement is usually set for the NFL Honors Program Saturday evening.

This mean the finalists are expected to travel to the Super Bowl site to find out if they have made it. And that means San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch is headed to Minneapolis. He told Murph & Mac on KNBR yesterday that he would be heading up today and would be ready to wait for the knock (if he’s voted in) or call (if he’s not voted in).

He acknowledged the wait can be a bit grueling, but he also has created ways to distract himself. The Hall prefers the finalists wait in their rooms for the knock or call, but Lynch said in recent years he has had his marketing agent to book him for some events to help the time go by. He can be back in time to the room, but it gives him a chance to take his mind off the vote.

Murph and Mac suggested he go to the movies, and maybe check out the new Winston Churchill movie. He thought that might be a good idea, although what if the call comes during the movie? That would certainly be a little awkward!

But that being said, I thought it would make sense to come up with a list of things John Lynch can do in the greater Minneapolis area to distract himself from the wait:

1. Paisley Park tour — how can you not go see Prince’s home and production complex?

2. Twin Cities Food Tour — I’ve been to Minneapolis a couple times, and the food options are fantastic. I imagine a food tour would be a lot of fun.

3. Take a bike ride — In spite of the cold, Minneapolis ranks as one of the most prolific biking cities in America.

4. Visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art — I’m not a big art person, but maybe John and/or his wife are interested in that kind of thing. They have a new exhibit opening on Saturday from China.

5. Tour set locations for Mighty Ducks — Quack, quack, quack, Mr. Ducksworth!

6. Ice skating — it’s cold as heck out, so why not get in some ice skating? He certainly can’t do that as easily in Santa Clara or San Diego!

7. Explore the 6.5 Lids stores at the Mall of America — I’m not kidding, there are that many. SB Nation ranked them.

8. Grab lunch with NFL agent Don Yee — maybe talk Super Bowl, Tom Brady, the weather ... I can’t possibly think of anything else they could discuss.......