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Golden Tate happy to hint that he would like playing with Jimmy Garoppolo

Free agents might be intriguing pretty soon!

Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate is under contract for one more season, but he seemed plenty comfortable talking about playing elsewhere during an interview with Murph & Mac on KNBR. In particularly, he seemed to enjoy talking about the impact Jimmy Garoppolo has had on the San Francisco 49ers.

Tate was talking about his time with Seattle and the rivalry with the 49ers. He was talking about it being arguably the best in football and how he had followed the 49ers as a kid, when he suddenly transitioned to, ”It sounds like the 49ers have found gold in big G over there.”

Murph & Mac asked him if he had a chance to cross paths with Garoppolo. Tate said he has not, but, “I’m kind of a fan. I mean guy shows up, don’t know a lick about the playbook and goes what, 5-0? 6-0? Let’s goooo.”

The hosts responded by saying receivers around the league might be interested in playing with him and Tate responded, ”Yeah, yeah — when their contracts are done.”

There was very much a playful tone to his voice, but it was interesting to hear Tate talk about his future fairly openly. He mentioned being from Tennessee and they asked him if he would maybe consider the Titans. He said they might be a team with whom he could close out his career.

I am not going to read too much into this, in part because Tate seemed to just enjoy getting a little playful with his responses. I think if someone asked if receivers would be interested in playing with Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady or any other big name quarterback, we’d hear a similar response.

Regardless of his personal preferences, Tate is correct in that pass catchers are going to want to join Garoppolo if he continues his strong play. We’ll see if Tate is among them after the 2018 season, but as free agency approaches in a month and a half, it will be something to watch as the 49ers potentially pursue some new weapons for Jimmy G.