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Jimmy Garoppolo learns it’s ‘The City’ not ‘San Fran’

Two months ago, Jimmy Garoppolo told the media he had been informed of the incorrect nature of Niners Nation, and that it was actually “The Faithful.” I have yet to change the name of the site, but now that he is locked down to a contract, we might have to ponder that (we won’t).

On Friday, Garoppolo chatted again with the media following his contract extension, and he made another faux pas. When asked what he was up to in town now that he had his contract signed, Garoppolo said he and his family had gone up to “San Fran” to have dinner.

Not all natives and long-time residents of San Francisco feel the same way, but “San Fran” and “Frisco” are two of the things that are like fingernails on a chalkboard. For me as a native of Nevada, it’s like when someone refers to it as Ne-vah-da. Much like Nation vs. Empire, it’s really not that big a deal, but it’s my own personal pet peeve.

After the press conference, the CBS reporter who asked him the question told him that people had tweeted at him correcting Garoppolo. The 49ers quarterback recognized the issue, saying he realized it should be called The City.

Garoppolo is not yet a regular in California, but it seems like he’ll get used to the area and understanding how people say things. But for those who take great exception to San Fran, I suppose now we know Jimmy G is not perfect!