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View a close-up of Kyle Shanahan’s play sheet from the Browns in 2014

This is random, but pretty cool.

Last week, Mark Bullock, a freelance writer and contributor to the Washington Post, came across an old play call sheet for San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. The play call sheet was from Shanahan’s time as Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator.

Bullock took things a step further, and was able to locate eight of the play calls from Browns plays during the 2014 season. He tweeted them out and put together this Twitter Moment. You can go down through the tweets to check out the plays and the corresponding play-call.

It’s safe to say Shanahan has changed up his play-calling specifics over time, but this is still fun to check out for some of his philosophies. You can see a blown-up version of the play sheet here.