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Colts announce Frank Reich as new head coach

This seems familiar, somehow ...

The Indianapolis Colts have announced that now-former Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich will be their new head coach. It’s been long-reported that Reich was the favorite for the job, though of course that comes with one big caveat: another offensive coordinator was the team’s first choice.

Josh McDaniels was originally announced to be the Colts head coach — by the team — but he backed out to remain with the New England Patriots, where he will remain as an offensive coordinator and presumably take over for Bill Belichick in the near future.

Doug Pederson, head coach of the Eagles, is not likely going anywhere for a long time so I think the Colts will have this one stick. Reich started his coaching career with the Colts, as an intern and then an offensive assistant.

Reich helped the Eagles beat McDaniels an the Patriots in Super Bowl 52 just a week ago. The Eagles also beat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship, a team that boasted the top-ranked defense in 2017. The Colts are probably in good hands, even if they’re not the hands they chose initially.