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Golden Nuggets: Reuben Foster Arrested for Domestic Violence

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Monday, February 12th, 2018 edition.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams

Happy Lundi Gras, my friends. While my humble city of New Orleans is alive with joyful debauchery (and tourist money), the vast reaches of the 49ers fandom is likely wrought with some level of anxiety over Sunday’s news of Reuben Foster’s most recent arrest.

As a rookie, the linebacker showed enormous promise as a hopeful mainstay of this defense for years to come. Unfortunately, there was always some cloudy weather lurking on the horizon. While he’s credited with playing ten games, he only had 90% (or more) participation in seven - and overall, he fell just short of playing half (49.16%) of the defensive snaps this season. His seeming inability to stay healthy became something to monitor on a weekly basis with him.

And then, there was the spectre of his off-field issues. His pre-draft antics surely cost him quite a bit of money, and it was something of a relief that he wasn’t making any headlines off the field during the season. Until the drug charge after the regular season had concluded. Regardless of one’s position on the law itself, or the NFL’s policy on the issue, Foster’s questionable decision-making reared it’s ugly head again, and the possibility arose that the 49ers might be without his services for some portion of the upcoming season. Of note, the drug-related arrest put Foster in a precarious financial situation, as it’s a virtual certainty that he voided the guarantees in his rookie contract.

Yesterday, he compounded matters exponentially. Reports indicate that he was arrested on charges of domestic violence and possession of an assault rifle. If there was any doubt that he would miss games in 2018, well, it’s gone. As talented a player as he may be (when healthy), an athlete’s best skill is his availability - and Reuben Foster’s continued habit of making boneheaded decisions is severely jeopardizing exactly that.

If the 49ers weren’t already looking to the draft to infuse the linebacking corps with some new talent, they sure should be after this latest fiasco.

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