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Report: 49ers interested in free agent cornerback David Amerson

Talent is already available to be signed. The 49ers made two big additions a year ago during this phase.

The San Francisco 49ers had success last year in signing a pair of free agents before the new league year opened, and they might look to do the same this year. The agent for former Oakland Raiders cornerback David Amerson has said the 49ers are among the teams interested in his client, according to Matt Barrows.

The Raiders released Amerson last week after a poor 2017 season in which injuries cost him 10 games. Amerson met with the Chicago Bears last week, and met with the Houston Texans on Monday. Ian Rapoport reported Amerson has three more visits lined up this week, while Matt Barrows reported the 49ers do not have a visited scheduled yet.

Amerson has the size (6’1, 205 pounds) and press cover experience to be worth a look for the 49ers. At the same time, a lot of players are going to be connected to the 49ers in hopes of leveraging their cap space for a bigger contract elsewhere. Given that Amerson’s agent put his name to the report, I imagine there is legit interest. If Barrows was reporting “sources close to the situation” or something like that, then I would be a bit more skeptical.