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Jimmy Garoppolo was great, now it’s time to upgrade the red zone offense

Time to turn some of those 3s into 6s.

The San Francisco 49ers underwent a dramatic turnaround when Jimmy Garoppolo took over the offense. The team continued to struggle in the red zone, but they ended up among the most prolific in scoring percentage.

We know the offense was improved over the final five games, but Football Perspective’s Chase Stuart offered even more insight. During that final stretch, the 49ers averaged 41.2 yards per drive. The NFL average for the season was 30.1 yards, and the Patriots led the NFL at 39.2 yards over the full season.

From a scoring perspective, the 49ers had 60 percent of their drives end in a score, and just 26 percent end in a punt. They scored 30 times and punted 13 times, and apparently that +17 over a five-game stretch by a team had happened 18 times total over the past 20 years.

The big issue for the 49ers is the volume of field goals as opposed to touchdowns. The 49ers were above average in touchdown drives (24 percent compared to league average of 20 percent), but they put together a ton of field goal drives, at 36 percent of all the Garoppolo-led drives.

The 49ers will need to find a red zone threat or two this offseason. They get Pierre Garçon back from a neck injury, but I would love to see the team add a big bodied tight end of wide receiver they can chuck it up to when they get down inside the 20. I have to think the 49ers will be looking for at least one big bodied option, whether it be in free agency or the draft.

The offense can find ways to improve just from Jimmy Garoppolo getting a full offseason to learn more of the playbook. But getting him a big body would be huge for this offense.