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Report: Reuben Foster arrest stemmed from ‘girlfriend’s accusation that he physically dragged her during an argument’

More details are coming in regarding Reuben Foster’s domestic violence arrest, courtesy of San Jose Mercury News reporter Robert Salonga. We heard earlier today about the gun charge, and this afternoon he has more information on the domestic violence charge.

Sources tell Salonga the arrest “stemmed from [Foster]’s girlfriend’s accusation that he physically dragged her during an argument at a Los Gatos home Sunday morning.” The two have been in a relationship for “several years.”

According to Salonga, police officers were dispatched at around 9:15 a.m. for a welfare check and to respond to a possible disturbance. The police did not go into any details, but Salonga has gotten more information from other sources.

Police did not release any additional details, but sources familiar with the investigation say the victim told officers that she and Foster were arguing and that he threw her belongings onto a front walkway and balcony. At some point, she said he physically dragged her in an apparent attempt to remove her from the home, sources said.

We do not know who the sources are in this report, so it is hard to gauge who has what to gain from getting this information out there, if anything at all. According to Salonga, because Foster posted bail, “he will not likely be charged or arraigned within the typical 72-hour window for jailed suspects.” The police will forward their investigation on to the DA’s office, who will then decide how to approach the case. The three offenses are wobblers, which means they can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies at the discretion of the DA.

Foster met with the 49ers today in Santa Clara, according to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport. The team and the NFL are continuing to investigate the matter.