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49ers spoke with Reuben Foster multiple times on Monday

The investigation continues.

The San Francisco 49ers met with Reuben Foster on Monday, and according to Matt Maiocco, they also spoke with him over the phone during the day. This comes a day after he was arrested and booked on charges of domestic violence, making criminal threats, and possession of an illegal assault weapon.

The team is conducting an investigation into the charges as it decides what to do next. On Monday, a report emerged that said the arrested stemmed from Foster’s girlfriend accusing him of physically dragging her from the apartment after throwing her belongings outside. Police were called due to the disturbance, and Foster’s girlfriend reportedly told them he had weapons in the house. They found a SIG Sauer 516 short-barreled rifle, which might be illegal due to modifications or an updated list of banned assault weapons.

There is no word yet on what Foster has told the team of the incident. Barring any video or audio or outside eyewitness to the event, this likely would come down to who the 49ers believe with the incident, and how much credibility they are willing to give Foster. He was arrested in Alabama earlier this month for possession of marijuana. Last year at the NFL Combine, he was kicked out for getting into a confrontation with a hospital worker during medical testing, and produced a diluted sample that moved him into the NFL’s substance abuse program. His draft-day party was sponsored by a vape company, which is not against the rules, but in the context of his other issues, raises its own set of questions.

All of this is to say, it’s hard to tell what the 49ers will do. Foster faces a potential six-game suspension for this arrest, and a potential one-game suspension for the marijuana arrest. The NFL is investigating the situation as well. The 49ers do not have any team-related events until the offseason workout program begins in April.