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Michael Robinson suggests 49ers as last place team most likely to get to Super Bowl 53

Can the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl after being a last-place team?

The Philadelphia Eagles went from last place to the Super Bowl. They even went on to win the Super Bowl, which surprised me and a lot of other people. It’s not often a team can go from worst to first, but it shouldn’t be surprising that there are those picking the San Francisco 49ers to go for a deep playoff run.

How about the Super Bowl? You’ll find people picking them for that as well, including former 49ers running back and current NFL Network analyst Michael Robinson. In a segment where he spoke with David Carr about which team would go from last place to the Super Bowl, Robinson picked the 49ers while Carr picked the Houston Texans.

The clip can be seen below:

Carr picked the Texans for one big reason: DeShaun Watson. He believes that the Texans would have competed for the Super Bowl this year if Watson didn’t go down with an injury. I don’t necessarily believe in them to that extent, but enough about teams that aren’t the 49ers.

Robinson picked the 49ers for one big reason as well: Jimmy Garoppolo. This is unsurprising and an easy pick to make, but I still enjoy it every time I see it.