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The most pitiful sacks allowed by the 49ers in 2017: Zane Beadles edition

I was going to do a breakdown of the general offensive line’s struggles. Zane Beadles was worth a post of his own.

I’m going to do a whole lot of film review this offseason. This morning, I decided to dive into the San Francisco 49ers offensive line, and what a mistake that was. Eventually, I planned on doing a few posts on the offensive line in general.

I took note of some things I’ve already observed: Joe Staley struggled to start the season, Laken Tomlinson is not good, Daniel Kilgore is incredibly average, Erik Magnuson was better than expected, but still iffy and ... Zane Beadles was bad.

Playing at guard or tackle, Beadles was bad. He was beaten often, and gave up multiple sacks and several hits. Brian Hoyer, C.J. Beathard, and Jimmy Garoppolo were all consistent under fire when Beadles was playing.

These gifs are taken from my postgame film review from the individual games for the most part. I’ll just briefly touch on what went wrong.

6:32 of 2nd Quarter, 4th and 4 from CAR 44: Hoyer sacked at SF 48 for -8 Yards (Thomas Davis)

Beadles doesn’t give up the direct pressure here, but it sure is frustrating watching him just kinda shuffle along with no direction on the play. He’s collapsing on a pocket that doesn’t exist, just slowly rotating like some kind of malfunctioning robot.

11:14 of 4th Quarter, 3rd and 7 from CAR 18: Hoyer sacked at CAR 25 for -7 yards (Mario Addison) — penalty on Charles Johnson, defensive holding — no play

This play didn’t count because of the penalty, but speaking of a robotic movements...

Oh, it’s Beadles ... First he lets his guy past, an the guy goes to the ground. Beadles is then very slow to turn around, and the defender has a chance to get up and drag Hoyer down.

1:51 of 2nd Quarter, 1st and 10 from SF 25: Beathard sacked at SF 19 for -6 yards (Brandon Graham)

Beadles strikes again. Did he even touch Brandon Graham on this play? I’m not sure he did. Nobody, not even Brandon Fusco, can react to the speed at which Beadles blew this play.

4:42 of 1st Quarter, 2nd and 8 from the 50: Hoyer sacked at SF 42 for -8 yards (Wes Horton), fumbled, recovered by Star Lotulelei at SF 42

Good tight end route here and ... too bad. Brian Hoyer gets eaten alive because Beadles can’t even come close to blocking his guy. He did, however, get one hand on him. So that’s a plus.

6:12 of 4th Quarter, 2nd and 10 from PHI 23: Beathard sacked at PHI 32 for -9 yards (Vinny Curry)

Beadles, once again, is handily beaten by his man and it’s really not close. Laken Tomlinson is guarding against the delayed blitz and he can’t adjust in time to cover up Beadles’ mistake. It’s one of many brutal shots C.J. Beathard took this past season. He doesn’t even turn around fast enough to see Beathard get sacked all the way.

6:39 of 4th Quarter, 1st and 10 from PHI 38: Beathard sacked at 50 for -12 yards (Graham) PENALTY, roughing the passer, no play

Magnuson lets his guy get to the quarterback first, but Beadles is in top form here, completely allowing his man through despite having all the room in the world to work with. All the room. In the world. And just to end things on a high note, Beadles basically shoves the guy into Beathard.